Monthly Archives: February 2008

Metro’s “Integrating Habitats” Design Competition…


Students look over submissions to Metro’s ‘Integrating Habitiats’ Design Competition, held last evening at the Portland Art Museum. I was shooting for Uncage The Soul Productions, who are making a DVD of the evenings events. It was amazing to see and learn about all the work and passion that went into these projects for sustainable living. There’s still another category to vote for! Find out more about Metro and the IH competition winners by clicking here.

Daytona 500, all fun and no work!…

Many visitors to this blog know I have been a motorsports fan since I was a little kid. It’s a long story, but here’s a quick summary in case you don’t know. Even after some high-end hearing loss directly related to too many rock concerts and auto races, it’s still a thrill to go see a race live. After all the races I’ve been to, I’ve only stayed in the infield one time before, in a van at Charlotte Motor Speedway (now Lowes) and never in an RV. That was the plan for this year’s Daytona 500. My friends, Dave and Norm, left NJ on Monday and arrived at our spot in the infield by Tuesday evening. I flew out 6 AM Thursday morning and after two plane flights, a cab, a Greyhound bus ride and another cab, I arrived in the infield as Craftsman Truck Qualifying was finishing up and was ready for that first beer of the day, around 9:30 PM.

To me, the coolest thing about staying in the infield is waking up and you’re AT THE TRACK! No traffic, no hassels, no “I’ve Never Seen ‘Em Backed Up This Far Before!” We had to wear these sparkly wristbands to get access to our section and it was like living in a gated community. Kinda nice, actually. They even delivered the local paper right to your front bumper every morning!

Watching the races from the infield does pose it’s problems: you can’t see a whole lot but we had this little Nextel Fan Monitor with about fifty buttons on it for switching to all the cameras around the speedway and in the cars, very cool. You also get to meet and talk and hang out with some other really cool race fans from all over, even if they do root for the wrong drivers. Right, E?!


Sweet spot to film/watch the race from…maybe next year! 


Jeff Gordon’s Dupont Chevy going through final tech-inspection.

Being the Fifty Year Anniversary of the race, most of the old winning cars were present and cruising around the track at various times. Here’s a few of my favorites:


Sterling Marlin’s Kodak Chevy


Two of Richard Petty’s winning cars, a Plymouth and the STP Dodge.


 Got back on Tuesday to find a ton of new work – yeah!

Interior Design…


 Shot last week for an interior designer to enter into a design competition, balancing ambient light with four gelled Speedlites in various spots. I’d much prefer to do these kinds of images in the late afternoon or early evening when the light outside is not so harsh, but I don’t always get to decide when!



Green IT Portrait with PocketWizards & Speedlites…


 As in good for the environment, green. Been working with the small Canon Speedlites and PocketWizards more and more. This shot in my office of Keegan Mullaney for KM Authorized uses three: one diffused, front right, one hard, rear left, and one with a green gel (for that obvious “Green” message) rear right on the blind, all Canon Speedlites/PocketWizard combos.

Photo Merge…


Busy week. It’s always a stretch getting ready to leave town for a few days. Just finished these huge plates today for glass artist, Dennis McConnell. Getting them all in the same shot, set up and lit the same posed a bit of a challenge, even in the new studio. So I shot the plates individually and then tried to piece them together with Canon’s Photo Merge. The results were terrible, and then a friend suggested doing it the old fashioned way – in Photoshop :-)