Monthly Archives: March 2009

High Speed Flash test…

High speed flash test, dripping water into a bowl, for the book. It’s all hit or miss with stuff like this but I seem to like this one. I’m seeing┬ásome metaphorical symbolism in the water shapes, how about you? Exposure is ISO 800, 1/5000 sec. @f/8 with an EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens with […]

Lensbaby…yeah baby!

I must admit the Lensbaby look just didn’t fit my style, or so I thought. Until I shot with the new Composer. OMG, have you ever had you head slapped up against a wall, in a good way? Everything they say about these unique marvels is true and the possibilities are really endless. It really […]

Interior Design Photography…

Shot a beautiful addition to a Lake Oswego home last week for the designer and the contractor for portfolios and contest submissions. We scheduled it for the perfect time to match up the exterior sky with the interior lighting and I think we hit it pretty good. The only problem shooting RAW @ f/22 on […]

Photo Class wrap-up…

As we wrapped up another eight week photo class, we spent the last 45 minutes of the last class out in the hallway doing some remote flash stuff. I gave them all jobs, digital tech, Speedlite operator, gel manager, reflector holder, etc and just kind of directed them to think about light and what it […]


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