Monthly Archives: August 2009

Studio Portrait with A Twist…


Had a floor covering client in the studio this week that wanted a variation over a standard studio portrait. He wanted something like a trade show/showroom feel that he could use for his marketing and web sites along with some social networking. After discussing a variety of ways to do it, we incorporated a banner he had brought with him and a bright red canvas backdrop.

Since I’m working like crazy on my second book for Wiley, this one on Canon’s Speedlite System, I’m shooting everything now with Speedlites until the book is finished. This shot actually uses four Speedlites, one for the main/key light, shot through a softbox, edge light camera right, background light and one on the banner to kick it up a little.

Canon 5D Mark II Digital Field Guide…

Canon 5DMkII cover

My book is finally out in the bookstores! As many of you know,  this spring I wrote a digital field guide for an exciting new Canon camera, the 5D Mark II, for Wiley Publishing. I hadn’t wanted to blog too much about the process while I was writing it because part of me wasn’t sure I could complete the book within the required timeframe but now that it’s published, I thought I’d share some details about the process.

Around October of last year, my friend Mark Fitzgerald of the Digital Darkroom called me to see if I would be interested in writing a book about the new camera (not yet out) for the company that publishes his Lightroom and Photoshop Bibles. “Absolutely” I said, having never written a book before! Mark hooked me up with his Acquisitions Editor who was overseeing the project and long series of emails and phone calls commenced. 265 emails all totaled. Wild.

It was an extrodinary learning experience. Where I had hardly ever, in all my years, looked in the camera manuals that come with new cameras more than a handful of times, my 5D Mark II manual is now, literally falling apart from over use, checking and rechecking procedures and language for accuracy.

I’ll be highlighting different aspects of the book in future blog posts but wanted to get this up today. You can find more info about the book from Amazon here, Barnes & Noble here or Borders here(Borders has the previous 5D DFG author listed :-P .) I’m now hard at work on my second DFG for the series, this one on the Canon Speedlite System due out in February 2010 and a third one (top-secret!) is in the works. Wow, it’s like a whole new career!

Jenna Fallon Make-up rocks…


I was reunited recently with a makeup artist I had worked with a year or so ago on a Nike shoot with distance runner, Kara Goucher. Jenna had called to reconnect and it was perfect timing because the scheduled makeup artist cancelled that day before my shoot for INUR magazine the next day. I quickly hooked her up with the editor she was on the team!

Jenna was a delight to have on set and it was great to get someone of her caliber at the last minute. She has a new website showcasing her work (with a few images from yours truly ;-) that has a cool retro style that I dig. She’s very friendly, totally professional and available for commercial shoots, weddings and personal consultations. Shoot on over to her website and check out her work!