Monthly Archives: November 2009

Nighttime Portraits, Canon Speedlite System…

Nighttime portrait of a friend of mine on the roof of an office building in downtown Portland for my new book about the Canon Speedlite System, due out in January 2010. One 580EX II was used, triggered by PocketWizard Multi-Maxes, and fired through a small white umbrella on a stand camera-right.

Recharging the Batteries, Columbia River Gorge Trains…

Gorge Train

After spending the better part of two months using Canon Speedlites to shoot lots of images for my new Digital Field Guide about the Speedlite system, I felt like I needed a break from flash photography and the computers. My photographer friend Dave Lutz suggested a trip out to the Gorge to shoot some trains, bridges and tunnels and I thought it was just the ticket to get the ‘ole creative juices flowing again. Sometimes all we need to break the routine is to step outside and flex the creative muscle.

While Dave chimps his images on his camera’s LCD monitor, I photographed him in Continuous shutter mode as a freight train whizzed by. This one was by far the best of the burst as the camera isolated him in the negative space between the railcars and an added bonus was getting the fall leaves behind him on the other side of the train.

Gorge Train2