Glass Photography Lighting Workshop…

Trekked up to Everett, Washington last weekend to do a lighting workshop for the Fire and Rain Glass Bead Society. After a long drive it was great to pull in and see so many smiling faces. We had a great location and set up multiple lighting scenarios with different backgrounds and even though I showed them how I do it, I also shared some simple things they could do to make their photos better. 


First, we went over basic digital capture and histograms, then moved on to f/stops, light quality and reflectors. We then broke into smaller groups and shot work they had brought and they thought it was cool to see how much punch you can get out of one light. It is amazing to see how finely detailed and small a lot of the beads are. It was a lot of fun to present to such an enthusiastic audience. I’ll be doing another glass lighting workshop this summer in the Portland area in case you missed this one!

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