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Shooting The Moon June 23…

Hi, All!

I forgot to mention this in photo class tonight and thought I’d include the rest of you guys who read my blog and took my classes this year!

Nightfall Sunday June 23rd this year will be the Super Moon where the moon will appear largest as it is closest to the Earth in its orbit (no big deal I’m told, happens once a year…)! More info here:

and here:

I’d suggest using the “Moonie f11 Rule” a strong tripod, and your longest focal length lens for best results. Moonrises for this and other locations can be found with this app I use regularly:

Oddly enough, it’s free for the desktop, yet $8.99 for the mobile app, but in the long run, definitely worth it if you are travelling!

I’ll be in New Mexico then and hoping for a clear evening!

It was really fun having you in class and I hope you received real value from attending my class(es)!

Have a great summer, keep shooting, and remember as the song says:

Best always,


Holiday Family Portraits…

lesher kids


Had quite the run of family portraits this past holiday season which is great for the old bottom line because things tend to slow down around here as the year comes to a close. When networking in late fall, I always try to mention how the holidays are a great time to get the family and extended family together for holiday family portraits especially when folks are coming into Portland from out-of-town or out-of-country like two of my families were this season. Whether coming into the studio or having the shoot at your home, the holidays are a great time for family portraits!

Fun Portland Wedding Photography…

Fun Portland Wedding Photography

Had a great time shooting my first wedding of the season last weekend here in Portland. The bride was beautiful and fantastic and thoroughly loved having her picture taken!

Fun Portland Wedding Photography

I love the emotions in these shots… real, genuine love and exuberance!

Fun Portland Wedding Photography


Shamrock Run, Portland Oregon…

Shamrock Run, Portland, Oeregon

Headed downtown early Sunday morning to get set up to shoot the Shamrock Run for Evan Pilchik and EP Events. On my way to the Start/Finish line, I noticed (and heard!) these bagpipers and drummers warming up. I always enjoy the hand ballet the drummers use when twirling the mallets and like the framing in this shot. See more results of the Shamrock Run photography. While I truly enjoy the mournful sounds of bagpipes, (I am Irish after all) whenever I see or hear them, I always think of an old Irish joke. “Do you know why bagpipers always march? To get away from that god-awful sound!” Happy St. Patrick’s Day!