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Portland Body Builder Photography for the PMPA…

Body Builder Portraits
 I put on a lighting demo in my studio last night for the PMPA After-Hours program.  My studio in SW Portland can accommodate large and small projects just fine but when you pack it with over 40 people it gets downright cozy! It just so happened that a former photo student and current body-builder friend of mine needed photos last  night for a $25.000 competition she is entering and since I needed some new sports portraits for my website and book, it was they say, fortuitous! Laura is also an incredible newborn baby photographer herself Since she is a strong photographer in her own right, she had no trouble posing for the group.

Body Builder Portraits

We had a great time discussing lighting theory, placement and my favorite ~ modifiers! The demo was a preamble to my full-day lighting workshop at Stage 13 on May 12th.

Body Builder Portraits

It is so rare that a photographer gets to see what they look like when they are working so it was really cool that Danny Abrego of Portland Reign Photography sent me these pics of me! Thanks, Danny :)

Body Builder Portraits

Here I’m shooting with my homemade DIY Speedlite Ringflash to add some soft fill for the more powerful Alien Bees studio strobes.

Body Builder Portraits

We’ll be exploring this and way more lighting techniques in the full-day Lighting & Portraiture Workshop May 12th at Stage 13 in NW Portland. Find out more info here or here. Hope to see you there!

Beaverton High School Senior Portraits…

Jake just sent me his graduation announcement from Beaverton High School and it reminded me that I hadn’t posted these from his senior portrait session! His parents chose a nice vertical portrait of him in a white button-down shirt for the announcement photo but I like these two, one outdoors and one in the studio that show two completely different sides of him. Jake played basketball for the varsity team this season and we wanted to work something of that in and I chose to light the brown background with an orange gel to tie in the schools colors. What do you think?

AND1 Basketball at The Coliseum…

Recent shoot for AND1 Shoes and Sportswear at the Memorial Coliseum , here in Portland. Andre Poole (aka “Silk”) easily grabs his own rebound while the announcer calls the game from midcourt.

“The Professor” (aka Grayson Boucher) leaves the ground on his way to the basket while the ref sleepruns behind him.

“Baby Shack” (aka Hugh Jones) eyes the basket.

Daytona 500, all fun and no work!…

Many visitors to this blog know I have been a motorsports fan since I was a little kid. It’s a long story, but here’s a quick summary in case you don’t know. Even after some high-end hearing loss directly related to too many rock concerts and auto races, it’s still a thrill to go see a race live. After all the races I’ve been to, I’ve only stayed in the infield one time before, in a van at Charlotte Motor Speedway (now Lowes) and never in an RV. That was the plan for this year’s Daytona 500. My friends, Dave and Norm, left NJ on Monday and arrived at our spot in the infield by Tuesday evening. I flew out 6 AM Thursday morning and after two plane flights, a cab, a Greyhound bus ride and another cab, I arrived in the infield as Craftsman Truck Qualifying was finishing up and was ready for that first beer of the day, around 9:30 PM.

To me, the coolest thing about staying in the infield is waking up and you’re AT THE TRACK! No traffic, no hassels, no “I’ve Never Seen ‘Em Backed Up This Far Before!” We had to wear these sparkly wristbands to get access to our section and it was like living in a gated community. Kinda nice, actually. They even delivered the local paper right to your front bumper every morning!

Watching the races from the infield does pose it’s problems: you can’t see a whole lot but we had this little Nextel Fan Monitor with about fifty buttons on it for switching to all the cameras around the speedway and in the cars, very cool. You also get to meet and talk and hang out with some other really cool race fans from all over, even if they do root for the wrong drivers. Right, E?!


Sweet spot to film/watch the race from…maybe next year! 


Jeff Gordon’s Dupont Chevy going through final tech-inspection.

Being the Fifty Year Anniversary of the race, most of the old winning cars were present and cruising around the track at various times. Here’s a few of my favorites:


Sterling Marlin’s Kodak Chevy


Two of Richard Petty’s winning cars, a Plymouth and the STP Dodge.


 Got back on Tuesday to find a ton of new work – yeah!…

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Wonders of Walking…

Shot yesterday for my friend Judy Heller and the Wonders of Walking Pumpkin Caper 5K, held in Beaverton. Wonders of Walking promotes a healthier lifestyle with the benefits of walking fast. I’ve known Judy for several years now, but only got a real sense of what she does, working the event yesterday. Great crowd, fun time and cool photos on a crisp fall morning!