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Oregon Professional Photographers Assoc. Speedlight Workshop…

The Speedlight Lighting Workshop is intended for advanced beginners, hobbyists, and intermediate level professionals who wish to stretch their knowledge of photography with an emphasis on understanding light; how to recognize it and shape in the natural world, and how to create it and manipulate it in the studio and on location.

We begin by discussing the qualities of ambient light, evaluating its hardness or softness and taking into account the specularity, luminance and efficiency of the subject. Next we consider the creative possibilities of the direction of the lighting; front, side, overhead, underside and back lighting. We’ll discuss the camera controls use to maximize the qualities of the lighting at hand and techniques to create the emotional impact the photographer desires.

We’ll then move on to understand speedlight flash systems and the number of tools available to the studio and location photographer, umbrellas, softboxes, gels, grids, snoots, beauty dishes and ring lights. Speedlights will be covered in detail along with infrared and radio flash triggering systems.

The afternoon three portrait sessions will involve all the aspects we have discussed so far in real world situations; an executive portrait, sports portrait and senior portrait. Here we’ll once again delve into lighting placement and show Rembrandt/45 degree lighting, along with butterfly, butterfly/paramount, loop, split, split/rim and shadowless lighting.

Thanks to the Oregon Professional Photographers Association for sponsoring this event!

Registration is $69.00 for non-members and $49.00 for members and is limited to 16 photographers and includes refreshments and light snacks.

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