Small Flash Location Portraits…




This executive location portrait of a women who helps companies navigate the business waters with Asian markets, was accomplished with just two small Canon Speedlites, three PocketWizard remotes, and a slow shutter speed. At the suggestion a few years ago from a few of my younger photo buds to begin using this method of location lighting, I totally enjoy the freedom now of working on location with smaller flashes and remotes. The only thing I miss after years of shooting this kind of photo is the modelling lights to see the light before the photo. Carrying only two cases of photo gear sure is sweet, compared to the effort of bringing all the gear I used to, to produce essentially the same results.


Photo Tech: one Canon 580 Speedlite/PocketWizard Plus II on a stand shooting through a small white umbrella for the main light on her left side and another Canon 550 Speedlite/PocketWizard Plus II on a stand, dialed way down and undiffused, for the rim light on her right side. Canon 5D?PocketWizard MultiMax with a 70-200mm f 2.8 zoom lens @ 200mm, f 4.


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