Bi-Mart 125 @ Portland International Raceway…


NASCAR West came back to Portland this weekend, coming to PIR after many, many  years. I had gotten up early to finish staining the decks and hoped it would work out that I might be able to get to the track to do some shooting. Had a lot to do that day and finished up the staining about 9:30. The gals and I walked one block over to the Velodrome and caught some bike racing at the Alpenrose Challenge, had lunch, then I headed over to the track to cruise the pits and do some shooting. I’m working on a project about Speedlites so I needed to get some outdoor before & afters. As the race was about to begin, I headed over to my favorite spot to shoot (so far), three quick turns at the end of the main straight called the Festival Curves. You can get fairly close and the cars come in at top speed then go all the way down to first gear under hard braking through that first left-hander. Some guys come in a little deep and they lose a ton of grip. Conditions like that often make for good action photos. It’ll happen, you just have to wait. And wouldn’t you know it , along the way, ran into a few old buds.

Eventual winner, Jim Inglebright, is on the right.

One thought on “Bi-Mart 125 @ Portland International Raceway…

  1. Mollie McAnulty

    Hey Brian,
    Great images! You inpire me to learn more. I finally shot my first wedding in April. It was so much fun! They even had me crying during the father daughter dance. Good thing I could hide behind my camera. lol. I would love some feedback if you want to check out a sample of the images… at
    Cyndie told me she gave you my number. Call me anytime. Be sure to leave a message since I screen unknown calls alot. We are getting ready for a week vacation at the coast, since my stepdaughter is here from Germany. Her first visit with her dad since her mom left with her when she was a baby. She is 15 now, and we are sooooo excited that she is finally here! Hope I get some great images of her nad her dad at the beach. We will see.
    Well, hope all is well. give me a jingle some time. I would love to work with you sometime. After my stepdaughter leaves, I will be available alot, since I only work monday and tuesday nights at Salem Hospital in the birth center. I will be in school on thursday evenings in the fall, but the rest of the week is free for shooting. Better go now, gotta get ready for work. Catch ya later -Mollie

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