Christmas In Hawaii…


Many of you know I’ve just returned from a dream photo assignment, a location wedding in Waikiki, on Oahu, Hawaii. I will be posting some wedding favs in a future post but I wanted to share a few top images from our own endeavors. We were there the same time Barack Obama and family were vacationing in Kailua, about 20 minutes away. The first night we were there was the famous island-wide power outage. Some fun navigating by the light of your cell phone and glow sticks! Click here to see my favorite 135 images on my PhotoShelter web page archive. Having never been to Hawaii before, my visual awareness was on a heightened sense of reality, looking for the cliche’ images but putting my own personal slant on them. What a bounty of photo opportunities! We rented a car for two of the days and got away from the strip and out into the mountains, hills and landmarks. Pearl Harbor was very moving, as a somber pall falls over the tourists after watching a short film on the history and background of the attack before boarding a ferry out to the USS Arizona Memorial site. Expecting some awesome waves in Waimea Bay and the Banzai Pipeline along the North Shore, it was raining and fairly flat the days we were there but I am so glad my wife purred, “c’mon, go back there and ask the kind lady if you can take her picture” which is rare for her, but I’m glad I did because it’s one of my favorite portraits, other than the wedding, from the trip. I treated her with dignity and respect and she totally gave it up.


One of the main reasons I love to travel is it gets you out of your routine and comfort zone, opening you up to new foods, customs, dress and language, submerging you into a different culture if only for a few days. This is a huge benefit especially if you are a photographer. The pressure is on to document your trip in meaningful images that tell a story and document your time there.


I’ll be posting a multi media slideshow of these images in a day or so but I wanted to get these along and out there!


Mahalo and Aloha!









3 thoughts on “Christmas In Hawaii…

  1. Uncle Kennan

    Guarantee that the BC&Gayle, dolfin/hoop and sailboat pics will go off the charts!!!! Print ‘em and put them on E-bay!!!!!!!!!

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