I So Believe in Karma…


I am continually amazed at the good things that happen in life and today was one of those times.

Without going into all the details, 29 years ago (1980), I paid a fine for a friend who was, let’s say, unable to do so. I was living in Arizona at the time, planning to move back to NJ in a month and that was a fairly big hit to my travel budget, but it was the right thing to do at the time. Back in NJ I kept sporadically in touch with them and every time we’d speak they said they’d make good on the debt. Well, after a while the calls stopped coming and my letters were returned as “undeliverable”.

I was more than frustrated and pissed that I had been blown off like that, knowing that money would definitely help my gear budget for my brand new photography business. As more time went by, I got over it, chalked it up to my own naivete, and figured it was one expensive life lesson I just paid for and made a note to self, to never do that again.

This past Saturday I was back at the studio after a small portrait shoot, on the computer downloading images and an email pops into my inbox and it’s from that same old friend. I sat back in my chair, not believing my eyes, stunned. Could it be real? Or some mutual friend just jacking me around for a laugh? A short cryptic note with a website link in the tagline. I clicked it and a flood of emotions took over as I saw this successful person’s passion displayed on their business website. Hands shaking, I dialed the number on the website.

Long story short, we talked for an hour and again the long standing debt was discussed and a check was promised.

It arrived today.

Never say never. That’s why I believe in Karma…and people.

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