Santa Brought A Ringflash…


Santa brought me a ringflash this past Christmas! I’ve wanted one of these babies for several years now and Mr. C finally came through. The ringflash surrounds the lens and is said to produce “shadowless” lighting but the effect I like is actually the soft shadow that surrounds the subject. Think of the guest host stills before and after “Saturday Night Live” commercials.  I look forward to posting some examples of my experiments with this amazing tool. Thank you, Santa!

5 thoughts on “Santa Brought A Ringflash…

  1. Brian

    No, good question though! Another strobe creates the “illusion” of the ringflash firing. If I did activate the ringflash, the glow would be off center from the flash at this angle.

  2. Craig Mitchelldyer

    your going to love this. I do! I like it as so many things, ringlight, sure, but it is also a sweet fill light and used off camera as a main light creates real night catch light in the eyes.

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