Takhlakh Lake, Mt. Adams area…

The long Labor Day weekend included the last camping trip of the season at beautiful Takhlakh Lake near Mt. Adams. The route from the south was washed out so we had to go around north to Randle, WA. then south to the lake. Incredible weather, it was a great time to get away and recharge the creative batteries!
Also recently, got invited to a blogger meet-up sponsored by local TV station KATU at their studios. It was a very fun event of local bloggers, and amazing to meet some folks who have been blogging since the beginning (I’m such a newbie compared to them :-) Free food, microbrews and wine (yum!) and even got to be IN a group photo for a change! That’s me, front right, third in.

One thought on “Takhlakh Lake, Mt. Adams area…

  1. Matt

    Unk- Great outdoor shots. Really captured the simplistic beauty of it all.

    Re: Blogger meet-up — THAT’S AWESOME! A big nod to you for going and hope you got a lot out of it. Just the fact that the local station knows about your blogs speaks VERY highly about your work. Keep it up :)

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