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Holiday Family Portraits…

lesher kids


Had quite the run of family portraits this past holiday season which is great for the old bottom line because things tend to slow down around here as the year comes to a close. When networking in late fall, I always try to mention how the holidays are a great time to get the family and extended family together for holiday family portraits especially when folks are coming into Portland from out-of-town or out-of-country like two of my families were this season. Whether coming into the studio or having the shoot at your home, the holidays are a great time for family portraits!

Not your everyday Senior Portrait…

Arthur came into the studio recently requesting something different than I usually create for a senior portrait package. I had met him a few years earlier when I was the photographer for his sister’s Bat Mitzvah and ran into him again with his family in Ashland at the Shakespeare Festival that they attend every year. When he showed up for the session in his outfit (which included spats!) I thought he was someone selling bibles :) He claimed to have no theatrical aspirations but I could tell by his movements and mannerisms that he must have spent countless hours watching Charlie Chaplin and the Marx Brothers movies because he had their shtick down pat and had his mom and I cracking up with his antics. Arthur had very specific ideas as to what shots he wanted to capture/perform so we just worked it out from his list. I love spending time with energetic, creative young people and it’s even more fun photographing them. I’ll still keep my eye out for his name to appear in a production or cast list sometime soon because this young man is really going places!

Senior Portraits by Brian McLernon

Family Portraits & Charity Auctions…


Families are starting to call and book the portrait sessions they won in the charity auctions I contributed to this year. Donating the sessions to groups I care about is a great way to give back to the community, increase awareness of my brand and create some exposure about another style of photography I do. As much networking with all the various groups as I try to do, I am always amazed that people will mention to me that “I didn’t know you did that (type of photography)!” Families were also keen to take advantage of my July/August Portrait Specials and recieve a free custom 11×14″ or (2) 8×12″ prints when the session is booked and shot during these two summer months.

Multnomah Arts Center and The Irvington School Auctions were the recipients this year of three portrait sessions each, that were bid on during their silent auctions. Multnomah Arts Center raised over $25,000 that will go a long way to support the arts and art programs at the center, which is very close to our studio, and the The Irvington School Auction raised over $47,900. Way to go!


Family Portrait…

We started off this family portrait discussing some props we could use and the ideas just grew from there!. Pretty soon we had a complete artist’s bedroom set on their deck, complete with objects d’art that are special to them. He’s a writer and she’ll be a midwife soon and we wanted the shots to say alittle bit about who they are. Some afternoon light control, Speedlites and a white shoot-thru umbrella lit the scene.