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Lastolite Triflash Bracket…

Lastolite Triflash Bracket Test

Like a kid with a new toy on Christmas morning I just had to try out the new Lastolite Triflash Bracket I picked up this morning from Pro Photo Supply. I also wanted to test how quickly I could shoot with three flashes rather than one and how good (or bad) the Canon ST-E2 Transmitter would work outside. Granted the light this afternoon was pretty flat and low with lots of medium gray clouds so the transmitter worked fairly well. I was shooting about three feet away with the flashes to my left on a lightweight Westcott stand. Camera was a Canon 5D, ISO 200, 1/200 @ f/2.8.

Lastolite Tri-flash bracket

I didn’t do any posing with the kiddos obviously because they were so giddy with playing and it being Friday after all, that I just wanted to shoot quickly and put the flashes through their paces and keep the energy level high. It does strike me how much $ in flashes you can hang on the thing, where one Alien Bee 1600 monobloc will only run you about $360 so I do suggest a sandbag or gym weights in a sling when shooting with a white shoot-through umbrella as I was here. I can’t wait to use this ungainly thing more often!

Family Portraits & Charity Auctions…


Families are starting to call and book the portrait sessions they won in the charity auctions I contributed to this year. Donating the sessions to groups I care about is a great way to give back to the community, increase awareness of my brand and create some exposure about another style of photography I do. As much networking with all the various groups as I try to do, I am always amazed that people will mention to me that “I didn’t know you did that (type of photography)!” Families were also keen to take advantage of my July/August Portrait Specials and recieve a free custom 11×14″ or (2) 8×12″ prints when the session is booked and shot during these two summer months.

Multnomah Arts Center and The Irvington School Auctions were the recipients this year of three portrait sessions each, that were bid on during their silent auctions. Multnomah Arts Center raised over $25,000 that will go a long way to support the arts and art programs at the center, which is very close to our studio, and the The Irvington School Auction raised over $47,900. Way to go!


Perfecting Her Dismount…

Wow, getting to play around with my new camera, shooting some action in the backyard. Miss B has come up with a new way to enjoy her swing set and learn acrobatics at the same time. The new camera has a capture speed of an amazing 8.5 frames per second, allowing for way more “keepers” in an action sequence. The latest Canon 1D Mark III captures 10 frames per second! For a little video of what 8.5 fps sounds like click here , for ten, click here. She’s still having a little difficulty sticking the landing, though!