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Canon Speedlite Digital Field Guide…

Canon Speedlite System Second Edition Cover

Detailed coverage of Canon’s four speedlite-580EX II, 430 EX II, 220 EX and the new 270 EX-built exclusively for Canon DSLRs.

If you use a digital SLR camera, then you understand just how critical it is to have a capable flash. Canon Speedlite shines a whole new light on taking photos with a Canon DSLR. This full-color, in-depth guide takes you beyond the standard manual that accompanies the Speedlite and shows you the types of settings you can use on your camera when working with the Speedlite.

You’ll explore the possibilities of wireless lighting with multiple speedlites as well as the creative effects you can achieve. Author and professional photographer Brian McLernon demystifies setting up the speedlite, synchronizing the speedlite equipment, and determining lighting ratios.

  • Canon DSLRs are only growing in popularity and the Speedlite system is a must-have accessory for exploring a new world of digital photo possibilities
  • Shows you how to create an inexpensive and portable wireless studio lighting system that can go where you go
  • Demystifies setting up the speedlite, synchronizing the equipment, and figuring out lighting ratios
  • Covers other Canon lighting system components, such as the ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter, Macro Ring Lite, and Macro Twin Lite

Real-world information on using these speedlites illustrated by full-color examples and untangles the complexities of using the Canon Speedlite system.

Family Portraits & Charity Auctions…


Families are starting to call and book the portrait sessions they won in the charity auctions I contributed to this year. Donating the sessions to groups I care about is a great way to give back to the community, increase awareness of my brand and create some exposure about another style of photography I do. As much networking with all the various groups as I try to do, I am always amazed that people will mention to me that “I didn’t know you did that (type of photography)!” Families were also keen to take advantage of my July/August Portrait Specials and recieve a free custom 11×14″ or (2) 8×12″ prints when the session is booked and shot during these two summer months.

Multnomah Arts Center and The Irvington School Auctions were the recipients this year of three portrait sessions each, that were bid on during their silent auctions. Multnomah Arts Center raised over $25,000 that will go a long way to support the arts and art programs at the center, which is very close to our studio, and the The Irvington School Auction raised over $47,900. Way to go!


Trade Magazine Cover…

Shot last week in Salem for Michels Corporation, selected for a trade magazine’s “Project of the Year”. The problem with this shot was that we were locked into this location with the truck, building and signage and it was totally in the bright sun. We managed to move them to just the edge of the foreground shade and filled it all in with a 1600 Alien Bee in the front and one to the rear left. I’ll post the actual cover once I recieve a copy!

Contractor & Commercial Site Photography…

A couple of assignments from last week while I edit and tweak the images from the Johnson Family shoot this past weekend. I’m usually doing more sports and people-oriented stuff this time of year so a few opportunities to work outside in great weather are a welcome change of pace. Two very different clients with similar needs and expectations contacted me get the job done.

This shot required lots of tender, loving Photoshop care to remove the new construction going on next-door, add bushes by the stairs, and then removal of long two telephone wires which connected to the tree in the foreground and then cut across the house diagonally, to a spot just above the panelling on the left entryway. After some perspective control (missed the ‘ole view camera on this one) and a coupla quick experiments, I taught myself a whole new way to do this detailed retouching using only two of Photoshop’s tools. Can you guess which two?

This next one was for a branding firm from Indy that needed site photos of the new ITT Technical Institute, out by the airport in Cascade Station. With so much construction going on, the biggest challenge was getting a clean shot. Still moving into the building, lots of people and equipment were in and out of the building and parking lots all day long. Getting the right time of sun on the building was critical, as well as using a polarizing filter to make the colors pop. Right at the end after making the last images, I popped on my new 15mm Fisheye, just for fun. Like drinking beer with friends, you always get a different perspective.