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Portland Theater Headshots…

Portland Theater Headshots

My daughter’s first audition headshot, the first of many more I hope! For children and adult actor & theater head shots please call the studio @ 503 768-9878.

Portland Financial Executive Portraits…

So my favorite financial planner was in the studio yesterday for an updated photo for his website and various social media uses. We talked beforehand about the feel and emotional impact he wanted the images to convey.  He said: Accessibility, confidence, warmth. And from that, it was my job to interpret it into a visual representation. At that point, decisions are made; lens selection, background selection, RAW or jpeg? (Of course RAW, just kidding!) lighting set-up, shutter-speed, f/stop, white balance, reflector, grids, gels, etc, the list goes on. And yet, it’s all so cool when it comes together, like building a puzzle on a deadline :)


(till next time)

Studio Portrait with A Twist…


Had a floor covering client in the studio this week that wanted a variation over a standard studio portrait. He wanted something like a trade show/showroom feel that he could use for his marketing and web sites along with some social networking. After discussing a variety of ways to do it, we incorporated a banner he had brought with him and a bright red canvas backdrop.

Since I’m working like crazy on my second book for Wiley, this one on Canon’s Speedlite System, I’m shooting everything now with Speedlites until the book is finished. This shot actually uses four Speedlites, one for the main/key light, shot through a softbox, edge light camera right, background light and one on the banner to kick it up a little.

Children’s Author Portraits…


My friend and next door neighbor has realized a life long dream in getting one of her young teen novels published. Since one of the characters is a high school photographer, she asked me to look over the manuscript for any photo technical flaws or unrealistic shooting situations. It was a lot of fun getting a first hand look at the writing/publishing process and reading her work. I can’t say too much more about it than that until it’s published, and will have a full update and Amazon link when it does. She needed a portrait for the promotional tour and on a recent rainy Sunday, we did just that. Knowing what it’s for, which do you prefer?