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Portland Body Builder Photography for the PMPA…

Body Builder Portraits
 I put on a lighting demo in my studio last night for the PMPA After-Hours program.  My studio in SW Portland can accommodate large and small projects just fine but when you pack it with over 40 people it gets downright cozy! It just so happened that a former photo student and current body-builder friend of mine needed photos last  night for a $25.000 competition she is entering and since I needed some new sports portraits for my website and book, it was they say, fortuitous! Laura is also an incredible newborn baby photographer herself  littlelaurajane.com. Since she is a strong photographer in her own right, she had no trouble posing for the group.

Body Builder Portraits

We had a great time discussing lighting theory, placement and my favorite ~ modifiers! The demo was a preamble to my full-day lighting workshop at Stage 13 on May 12th.

Body Builder Portraits

It is so rare that a photographer gets to see what they look like when they are working so it was really cool that Danny Abrego of Portland Reign Photography sent me these pics of me! Thanks, Danny :)

Body Builder Portraits

Here I’m shooting with my homemade DIY Speedlite Ringflash to add some soft fill for the more powerful Alien Bees studio strobes.

Body Builder Portraits

We’ll be exploring this and way more lighting techniques in the full-day Lighting & Portraiture Workshop May 12th at Stage 13 in NW Portland. Find out more info here or here. Hope to see you there!

Shamrock Run, Portland Oregon…

Shamrock Run, Portland, Oeregon

Headed downtown early Sunday morning to get set up to shoot the Shamrock Run for Evan Pilchik and EP Events. On my way to the Start/Finish line, I noticed (and heard!) these bagpipers and drummers warming up. I always enjoy the hand ballet the drummers use when twirling the mallets and like the framing in this shot. See more results of the Shamrock Run photography. While I truly enjoy the mournful sounds of bagpipes, (I am Irish after all) whenever I see or hear them, I always think of an old Irish joke. “Do you know why bagpipers always march? To get away from that god-awful sound!” Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

AND1 Basketball at The Coliseum…

Recent shoot for AND1 Shoes and Sportswear at the Memorial Coliseum , here in Portland. Andre Poole (aka “Silk”) easily grabs his own rebound while the announcer calls the game from midcourt.

“The Professor” (aka Grayson Boucher) leaves the ground on his way to the basket while the ref sleepruns behind him.

“Baby Shack” (aka Hugh Jones) eyes the basket.

Perfecting Her Dismount…

Wow, getting to play around with my new camera, shooting some action in the backyard. Miss B has come up with a new way to enjoy her swing set and learn acrobatics at the same time. The new camera has a capture speed of an amazing 8.5 frames per second, allowing for way more “keepers” in an action sequence. The latest Canon 1D Mark III captures 10 frames per second! For a little video of what 8.5 fps sounds like click here , for ten, click here. She’s still having a little difficulty sticking the landing, though!